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"Ortlieb" krepšiadėklis (PACKING CUBE 12 litrų talpos)



Kaina: 40.00€

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"ORTLIEB"  krepšiadėklis (PACKING CUBE 12 litrų talpos)

The Packing Cube L gives you full control over shirts, T-shirts or a pair of shoes. And at the same time the Cube even helps you to pack and transport your clothes crease-free.

The lightweight Packing Cube S made of foam-padded polyester fabric is ideal for transporting shirts, T-shirts or a pair of shoes. At the same time an inner compression belt keeps the pack size to a minimum and secures the contents. A two-way zipper around the circumference opens the packing talent on three sides to turn inserting the contents into child’s play.

One especially smart feature is the integrated folding board that not only stabilizes the Cube but also helps to fold clothing and transport it crease-free. Whether on holiday, camping trip or bike tour, the Packing Cube is the ideal choice for any adventure and any bag and also helps to keep your luggage well organized and tidy inside. The Packing Cube Bundle goes one step further in organizing the interior of your bag and features the star-studded trio of Packing Cube S, Packing Cube L and Toiletry Bag.


  • Handle
  • Stable base


  • Aukštis: 25,5 cm;
  • Plotis: 31,5 cm;
  • Gylis: 15,5 cm;
  • Svoris: 315 g;
  • Talpa: 12 l;
  • Medžiaga: polyester

Papildoma informacija parsisiuntimui PDF versijoje: 

Audinys polyester
Svoris (kilogramais) 0,315
Talpa (litrais) 12
Matmenys (cm) 25,5*31,5*15,5 (aukštis/plotis/gylis)
Spalva grey
Kokybės garantija (mėn.) 60
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