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Bike Rental Conditions
  • DU RATAI bike rental centre hires bikes for people not younger than 18 years old who should present a valid personal ID card or passport and leave a deposit - 50 EUR per bike or more, for example, 100 EUR for MTB bike or 200 EUR for E-bike/Pedelec (amount depends on value of rental equipment); the deposit can be paid in cash Euros or by credit card (only in May-Sep.) or via PayPal to saulius @
  • RENTAL EQUIPMENT IS NOT INSURED AGAINST THEFT OR DAMAGE therefore CUSTOMER is fully responsible for the EQUIPMENT and is obliged to cover damage to the EQUIPMENT according to SUPPLIER terms and prices presented in Bike Rental Contract;

1. CUSTOMER, by signing the CONTRACT, confirms that:


1.1 Rental bicycles and extra equipment (hereafter EQUIPMENT) is in working order and CUSTOMER has no complaints; returning damaged or incomplete EQUIPMENT will be covered by CUSTOMER (according to the below listed and bicycle repair workshop prices);

1.2 CUSTOMER is fully responsible for the EQUIPMENT during the whole rental period from the time of collection till the time of return of the EQUIPMENT to the SUPPLIER. 

1.3 SUPPLIER has provided all necessary information to CUSTOMER regarding the use of the EQUIPMENT and safety regulations;

1.4 CUSTOMER is physically fit and healthy to use services provided and has all necessary skills and experience to use the EQUIPMENT. CUSTOMER is totally responsible for his health during the use of the EQUIPMENT.



2.1 CUSTOMER has the right to use the EQUIPMENT in accordance to signed CONTRACT.

2.2 CUSTOMER is obliged to use the EQUIPMENT carefully and properly for cycling on roads, bicycle and forest paths, but not in water, on sand, etc.

2.3 CUSTOMER is obliged to pay for service in accordance with the SUPPLIER’s rates.

2.4 CUSTOMER is obliged to as soon as possible to inform the SUPPLIER about failure to return the EQUIPMENT in time, theft of EQUIPMENT or damage to the value of the EQUIPMENT.

In case of failing to return the EQUIPMENT in time the SERVICE will be charged for the actual total time of using the EQUIPMENT.

2.5 CUSTOMER is obliged to cover damage to the EQUIPMENT according to SUPPLIER terms.



3.1 SUPPLIER has the right to demand from the CUSTOMER a warranty (cash or document), which is refunded/returned to the CUSTOMER after all EQUIPMENT is returned to the SUPPLIER and damage (if any) is covered.

3.2 SUPPLIER is responsible to change damaged EQUIPMENT on its own expenses if the damage was due to bad quality of the EQUIPMENT (excluding damages like punctures, etc.)

3.3 SUPPLIER guarantees that CUSTOMER’s personal information used in the contract will remain confidential in accordance to the existing laws of data protection.

3.4 SUPPLIER is not responsible for damage and expenses caused during the use of the EQUIPMENT by the CUSTOMER

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