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Bike Rental in Klaipėda

---- SALE of 2nd hand BIKES - PRICES FROM 115 EUR ----

DU RATAI (Two Wheels), partner company in the BaltiCCycle Network, offers rental of more than 300 quality bikes & tourist equipment in KLAIPĖDA (Lithuania) for excursions and cycle tours along the Lithuanian Seaside Cycle Route, in the Baltic States - Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and surrounding countries like Russia, Poland, etc.

Get a bike in Lithuania and leave it in Latvia or Estonia!  BaltiCCycle is the only network in the Baltics offering such one-way bike rental service!

Dviračių nuoma Klaipėdoje - lietuviškai

Naujoji Uosto str. 3 (at the Pilies Bridge & Old Ferry Terminal), GPS 55°42'31.27" N 21°07'41.27" E

Žiūrėti didesnį žemėlapio vaizdą / Look to the Google map

DU RATAI bike rental & repair service centre is open:

  • June-August: 9:00-21:00 (Mo-Su)
  • May & September: 9:00-19:00 (Mo.-Su)
  • October-April: any time from 9:00 to 18:00 on request (contact in advance by E-mail or phone)

Mobile +370 615 91773, E-mail: klaipeda @

New for cyclists in Klaipėda! - speed boat Klaipėda - Juodkrantė - Nida!!!

---- SALE of 2nd hand BIKES - PRICES FROM 115 EUR ----


For your choice in Klaipeda (Lithuania) there are high quality trekking/hybrid, MTB, FAT & CHILD bikes, E-BIKES/PEDELECs, road bikes BIANCHI (new from 2018!), 2-seat tandems and waterproof panniers (ORTLIEB), Danish 2-wheel trailers for children (WINTHER), cargo bike trailers (BOB Yak), trailer-bikes, child seats, helmets & other tourist equipment...

Almost all bikes, trekking, MTB, are equipped with front suspension fork and aluminium frame. There are ladies'/unisex and standard trekking bicycles with a transverse bar, most of them equipped with bottle cages, back racks for panniers and lamps with dynamo.


New in 2018!!! Road bikes "BIANCHI Intenso 105 11sp" (full carbon, 8 kg) and "BIANCHI Impulso105 11sp" (aluminium, 10kg) - for sport cycling lovers!

Rental price - 30 EUR/day


Beach cruiser ("PANTHER Treasure") with 3 hub gears - ideal for romantic trips to the Baltic Seaside! 

Rental price - 8 EUR/day, 10 EUR for 24 hours 

Comfortable TREKKING / hybrid bikes with front suspension, 24/27-speed derailleur gears & free wheel (PANTHERGHOST, KALKHOFF, MERIDA, KTM) or 7-speed internal-hub gears & back-pedalling brake (KALKHOFFKREIDLER)


Rental price - 12 EUR/day

Sportive and light HYBRID bikes with 24/27-speed derailleur gears, front suspension, etc. 

Rental price - 10 EUR/day, 12 EUR for 24 hours 

Sportive and light MTB bikes with 24/27-speed derailleur gears, front or full suspension, etc... 
PANTHER" (PRO XR-555, SX-300) ir "FOCUS 29R WHISTLER 4.0"

Rental price - 15 EUR/day, 19 EUR for 24 hours 

TANDEMS with 2 seats, 24-speed Shimano derailleur gears & hidraulic breaks

Rental price - 25 EUR/day, 30 EUR for 24 hours 

E-bikes / pedelecs (KALKHOFF, KTM, GIANT) with support electric engine for easy cycling up to 110 km (Bosch engine 250 W, battery 11Ah-400 Wh) or cycling up to 60 km (Panasonic battery&engine)


Rental price - 30 EUR/day (Bosch) or 25 EUR/day (Panasonic)

New in 2017!!! Fat bikes "Silverback Scoop-Fatty - for cycling out on cobbled streets in Klaipėda Old Town, around seaside woods and other off-road destinations!

Rental price - 19 EUR/day, 25 EUR for 24 hours

For combined trips by car, bus, train, plane, sailing boat, cruise ship, etc.
Foldable bike "BROMPTON M3L(made in London)

- RENT & SALE on e-shop!

Rental price - 12 EUR/day, 15 EUR for 24 hours 

Tricycle WINTHER KANGAROO for local travels of 1 adult +2 children (up to 100 kg in total) 


Rental price - 25 EUR/day, 30 EUR for 24 hours 

Dutch style cargo bike BABBOE City for 1 adult + 2 children (max 4 children with additional bench) or other cargo up to 100 kg (possible to punt a rain cover)

- RENT & SALE on e-shop!

Rental price - 25 EUR/day, 30 EUR for 24 hours 

Children bikes with 20" or 24" size wheels & 3-speed hub gears or 21-speed derailleur gears (BULLS, PEGASUS)

Rental price - 7 EUR/day, 9 EUR for 24 hours 

One-wheel trailer-bike for travels with children from 5-10 years old (25-30 kg weight)


Rental price - 7 EUR/day, 9 EUR for 24 hours (when renting separately without bike - 2 EUR/day surcharge)

Two-wheel Trailers WINTHER DOLPHIN or similar for travels with 1-2 children up to 5 years old (up to 45 kg)

- RENT & SALE on e-shop!

Rental price - 10 EUR/day, 12 EUR for 24 hours, baby seat +1 EUR (when renting the trailer without bike +3 EUR/day surcharge)

Cargo trailers BOB Yak for touring around the Baltics with up to 32 kg of luggage (ONLY FOR BIKES WITH QUICK REELEASE OF BACK WHEEL)


Rental price - 7 EUR/day, 9 EUR for 24 hours (when renting the trailer without bike +2 EUR surcharge)
Rental of waterproof bag (
94 litres capacity) +1 EUR/day surcharge

Child seat for 1-4 years old children up to 20 kg, mounted on back rack or frame, with safetu belts

Rental price - 2 EUR/day, when renting without bike +3 EUR surcharge
When renting 2 bikes - 1 child seat + child helmet - FOR FREE!

cyclist's helmet (different sizes S, M, L, XL) - for children up to 18 years old it is compulsory in Lithuania!

Rental price - 1 EUR/day 
When renting 2 bikes - 1 child seat + child helmet - FOR FREE!

Cycle computer „VDO (min. 4 functions: 1. speed, 2. trip distance, 3. Total distance, 4. clock.)

Rental price - 1 EUR/day 

Waterproof panniers "ORTLIEB"
Panniers can be easily put on/taken from back rack or handlebar: "Front-Roller" (12,5 ltr.), "Back-Roller" (20 ltr.), “Ultimate5M" (6 ltr. capacity, map holder included)

- RENT & SALE with 5 years quality warranty on e-shop!

Rental price - 1 to 3 EUR/day depending on pannier model and size

* All rental bikes are equipped with a lock (1 lock for two bikes) and a pump. When renting the bikes for longer than 1 day period or longer tour bikes are equiped with a repair set (1 set for group up to 5 cyclists).

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