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Spyna grūdinto plieno "ABUS Pro Tectic 4960 Frame Lock + 6KS/85 Chain + ST4850 Bag"



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Grūdinto plieno  spyna  "ABUS Pro Tectic 4960 Frame Lock + 6KS/85 Chain + ST4850 Bag",

The handy bundle with frame lock, chain and suitable bag.

The Abus Pro Tectic 4960 frame lock is a covenient protection against unauthorized use of the bicycle. The 8.5 mm steel shackle offers a good protection at medium theft risk and is recommended for securing good bicycles. In addition the lock offers a closing mechanism for easy attachment of accessory to the lockbody. Abus Security Level 7.

The Pro Tectic / Pro Shield / Shield (6KS/85) Chain serves for securing a bicycle against unauthorized use. The chain is made of a 6 mm square chain made of hardened steel. No separate closing of the shackle is necessary. It opens up a lot of opportunities for locking the bicycle on to a fixed object. the chain is adaptable to all versions of 4960, 5850 and 5650 frame locks with closing mechanism.

The transportation bag ST 4850 is usable as protected transport and can be attached sideways on the rack.

Technology lock:


  • 8.5 mm steel shackle
  • The case, the shackle as well as supporting elements of the locking mechanism are made of special hardened steel
  • Locking mechanism in the lock body for easy connection of accessories
  • Extra large aperture
  • ABUS automatic cylinder
  • Two keys are supplied with the lock
  • Key can be removed when the lock is open


Holder lock:


  • LH (available separately) - Easy screwing to the threaded rear frame
  • SH (available separately) - For Attachment to cantilever studs, even with brakes possible


Delivery contents:


  • Pro Textic 4960 Frame Lock
  • 2 x Keys
  • 6KS/85 Bhain
  • ST4850 Bag


ABUS Frame Locks:

The frame lock are basic security devices for almost any bike. These practical frame lock is light and quick to use to protect your bike against unauthorised use. They can be connected to other accessories such as chains or cables to protect your bike even more effectively against theft.

Produkto pavadinimas: ABUS Pro Tectic 4960 Frame Lock + 6KS/85 Chain + ST4850 Bag
Svoris (gramais): 1500
Abus apsaugos lygis: 7
Komplektaciją sudaro: Spyna, grandinė, 2 raktai, tašė
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